Gillian Anderson is playing David Bowie in “American Gods,” and the clip made our brains explode

We’re obsessed with American Gods and Gillian Anderson. Putting them together is a perfect combination. The Neil Gaiman adaptation gives us a new god to be obsessed with. And her name is Media. In a newly released clip, we see Gillian Anderson as Media, a god that takes the appearance of the world’s most iconic celebrities.

All hail Media!

Media assumes whatever form will deliver her message most effectively. She’s been personified by the likes of Lucille Ball in an earlier episode. Rumor has it she’ll appear as Marilyn Monroe in a later episode. In this scene she’s appearing as David Bowie, and our minds are definitely exploding from all of the awesome.

Gillian Anderson is an acting chameleon 

It makes sense to have a god that can adapt to the changes of the entertainment world. In Neil Gaiman’s world, the gods are only real because we believe in them. When we lose interest and put our faith in other places, the powers of the gods diminish. Media adapts and changes to the time she’s living in. And it turns out our beloved Gillian Anderson is the perfect chameleon for the role.

She tells it like it is


In the clip we see Media/David Bowie/Ziggy Stardust deliver some truth to Technical Boy as a war is brewing. Media adapts to her surroundings, and Anderson is able to transform as easily as her character. We wonder if she/he will ever appear as any of Bowie’s other famed stage personas. Thin White Duke? Goblin King? We know one thing for sure, Gillian Anderson just proved she can pull anything off.