Gigi Hadid’s “Love Magazine” advent video makes us want to dance in our underwear STAT

We always love a solid stylized video, and we just got a holiday treat! Gigi Hadid’s Love Magazine advent video has arrived, and it’s basically everything our tired, overworked brains could have ever hoped for on this Saturday before a holiday.

We already semi-freaked out over Kim Kardashian’s trippy vid, and then again over Chrissy Teigen’s ’80s workout video send up. So we weren’t surprised that Gigi’s video was both intense and also totally unique.

And seriously, it didn’t disappoint. The video features a lingerie-clad Hadid dancing around an apartment — in front of super large windows in the bright light of day. It’s definitely the kind of thing that might raise a few eyebrows among the neighbors.

Take a look.

See what we mean? Kinda scandalous!

We’re super into how badass the end result was, even though the production was so utterly simple. It basically just entails a camera and a room (and Gigi in peach-colored lingerie, OF COURSE!). And also, Hadid’s confidence is what truly sells the experience.

These Love advent videos have been nothing if not entirely unique — and we’ve honestly loved counting down the month with a new, completely different video with a new celeb every day.

So, like, maybe they can keep this going past December 25th? Just a thought, guys!

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