Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik Got Matching Tattoos for Khai, and It’s the Cutest Damn Thing

We love everything about this.

Khai’s mom just debuted some discreet new ink in a YouTube video for Vogue. Gigi Hadid, wearing a blinged-out “Mama” necklace, appeared in a “Beauty Secrets” video for the magazine in which she shared her post-pregnancy skin care and makeup routine. And some fans noticed a fresh tattoo just above the crook of her elbow that reads “Khai” in Arabic.

Now, this is a real blink and you’ll miss it reveal. But around the 4:50 mark in the video, you can catch the small Arabic tat while Hadid applies her foundation.

What’s even more adorable than mom having daughter’s name tattooed on her is that Hadid’s new ink is actually a matching tattoo with partner Zayn Malik.

gigi hadid tattoo

Fans got a look at Malik’s “Khai” wrist tattoo during a January Instagram Live video. His tattoo is in red ink and quite a bit larger than Hadid’s.

Hadid’s “Khai” tattoo is seemingly only her second piece of ink. According to POPSUGAR, Hadid has a tiny broken heart tat on the inside of one of her middle fingers (a matching tattoo with friends Kylie Jenner, Cara Delevingne, and Hailey Bieber), but up until this point, Hadid has remained pretty ink-free.

However, giving birth to a tiny human is definitely something to celebrate with some permanency if she was waiting for the right time to get bitten by the tattoo bug.

Malik, on the other hand, is covered in tattoos, including more than a few that are in tribute to Hadid. In fact, he has her (very lifelike) eyes inked on his chest, which he got in 2018, and a script tattoo that mentions love, commitment, and marriage, which had some fans thinking that he and Hadid may have secretly tied the knot.

But this “Khai” tattoo may just be the most meaningful piece of ink both Malik and Hadid have. It’s a super-sweet way of celebrating their daughter and their love that brought her into the world.

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