Gigi Hadid dressed like a bouquet of flowers, because fashion week

While most of us are familiar with the idiom “fresh as a daisy,” it’s likely that none of us will embody it as literally as model Gigi Hadid during a recent walk on the runway. For the spring 2018 Moschino fashion show in Milan, the ever-creative designer Jeremy Scott dressed Hadid up as a literal walking bouquet of flowers.

Besides the sheer impressiveness of Hadid’s ability to walk while wrapped in a maze of gorgeous flowers, the look is truly artful. This brings new meaning to the term “flower girl.”

If Hadid ever needs a side gig (LOL) she can offer up her services as a human flower bouquet at bizarre and artsy upscale weddings.


The contrast of Hadid’s flowery visage and the background is super surreal.


This looks like a scene from a dream where a harp would be inexplicably playing.

At one point, the designer took a pose with Hadid while she was in human bouquet form.


This is a moment to immortalize.

Our biggest question is: HOW DID SHE MANAGE TO WALK?!


Some of us struggle in regular clothes.

Cindy Crawford’s daughter and fellow model Kaia Gerber also made an appearance as a bouquet.


All the cool models are doing it, and they look as fresh as spring.

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