Gigi Hadid accidentally photobombed a “Vogue” photoshoot when she was just 5 years old

Talk about an auspicious sign. It turns out, Gigi Hadid appeared in a Vogue photoshoot when she was only five years old — completely by accident. On Thursday, the model asked her Twitter followers to help find the picture from the Vogue Paris photoshoot that she photobombed as a little kid. And it turns out, some people actually knew what she was talking about!

It’s so cool to look back and see Hadid as a ’90s girl in a photoshoot in Paris. Especially because Hadid ended up walking in Paris Fashion Week just under two decades later.

The supermodel asked her followers for help finding the pic on Thursday.

And they delivered almost immediately. Literally one minute later, someone responded with the photo, proving that Hadid’s fans are not playing around. 

Check out the prophetic photo from Hadid’s childhood. She’s so cute with her little Eiffel Tower figurine!

Hadid responded to her devoted fans’ quickness with a tweet thanking them.

They really are the best. Not only did they post the photo that Hadid was looking for, but they also provided other adorable throwback pics of the model that we just can’t get enough of. Check them out and try to tell us that she wasn’t the cutest child ever.

This one has to be a Gap ad or something.

And this one just proves that Gigi was always a supermodel.


Some fans even admitted to getting sidetracked on their search for the Vogue shot.


That’s like, lethal levels of cuteness.

While it’s still unclear if Hadid actually happened to wander onto the set of a Vogue photoshoot while being a tourist in Paris or if the supermodel-to-be was hired to be there looking like an unsuspecting tourist (she says she got “caught” in the pic), the photo is still a perfect example of how she was fated to become the powerhouse model that she is today.

Some things really are destined to happen.

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