Gigi Hadid shot down body shamers in a powerful series of tweets

Body shaming is never okay. Unfortunately, Gigi Hadid saw her fair share of negative comments after a few recent runway shows for New York Fashion Week. Hadid is no stranger to unsolicited comments about her body, but she just made it 100% clear she will not stand for it anymore.

Hadid, 22, has been modeling since she was a teen. Since then, she’s faced commentary about being either too big or too small from people who fail to realize that the human body takes on many forms — and bodies also undergo a lot of changes as we grow. For Hadid, she noted that she has Hashimoto’s disease, an autoimmune condition that causes the immune system to fight your thyroid. According to Endocrine Web, the disease is one of the most common thyroid issues in America and affects 14 million Americans, both women and men, in total. Common symptoms of the condition include inflammation and water retention.

Hadid tweeted that she had yet to be diagnosed when she started modeling back in 2012, and subsequent treatment after diagnosis caused her weight to fluctuate.

The model also noted that people should have more empathy — especially since nobody knows the full story.

Hadid shouldn’t have to explain herself, but we’re glad she’s using her platform to spread much-needed awareness about both the condition and cyber-bullying.

Let’s use this as an important Monday reminder to choose kindness over criticism and to judge less. As Hadid said, we often never know the full story.

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