Gigi Hadid looks like a groovy ‘70s princess in this retro outfit

Being one of the world’s most recognizable supermodels surely comes with its perks—trips on private jets to photo shoots across the world, twinning opportunities with fellow supermodels, and wearing peacock princess eyeshadow IRL.

But it also means that everyone is always looking to you, all the time, everywhere, for fashion #inspo.

Luckily, Gigi’s always been one who’s up to the challenge.

Ladies and gentlemen, Exhibit A:


Ms. Hadid was spotted on the streets of New York yesterday wearing a very retro outfit.

One more time, please:


The model wore some groovy flared pinstripe pants, paired with a matching jacket and crop top, and we’re low-key obsessed.

Then there are the white sneakers (how are they not scuffed?!) and the orange soda (a must!) Add her signature shades, a tousled hairdo, and you’ve got A Look.

Lest we forget, it was 95 degrees in New York City yesterday, and Gigi still managed to look flawless, without a single hair out of place. We’ve been trying to imagine how on earth that’s even possible, and yet, no answers.

Until we understand her secrets, we’ll just have to guess. And plan our own retro wardrobes for when it’s like 50 degrees cooler.

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