Gigi Hadid Shared a Few Never-Before-Seen Pregnancy Pictures on Instagram

Oh how time flies!

Gigi Hadid just shared a stunning throwback to one year ago yesterday—when she was still pregnant with baby Khai! On May 27th, Hadid took to Instagram to show off a trio of Polaroid pictures in satin boxers, a bra, and an open button-up shirt. The focal point of the photos, though, is Hadid’s beautiful baby bump.

Hadid, who shares baby Khai with partner Zayn Malik, gave birth in September last year, so she was about halfway along in her pregnancy these photos. The model has shared pregnancy photos sporadically over time, giving us small glimpses into her life at home with Khai. She and Malik have also chosen to keep Khai’s face off social media since she was born, only offering sneak peeks of her from the back or snuggled up with her parents.

Hadid’s friends and family had so many lovely things to say about her new old photos, leaving gushing comments on Instagram. Sister Bella Hadid made sure to point out that she was the one who took the photos, adding, “babunuuushiiiiiiiii.” Dua Lipa commented, “Khai’s mamaaaa,” with three red hearts, and Tan France added, “Love. So much love.”

Despite not showing much of Khai to the public, Hadid has been fairly open about parenting and pregnancy, even sharing how hard it was to be pregnant during Fashion Week last year. She actually found out she was pregnant *during* Fashion Month and had a hard time managing the nausea. She had her mama to take care of her, though. Hadid shared that mom Yolanda would pack her snacks before the shows to help ease the nausea and get her through.

The elder Hadid has also shared a few glimpses of Khai on Instagram, even sharing a beautiful message for her own birthday and attributing her happiness to baby Khai. “It’s a whole new feeling, I’m feeling… a part of my heart I didn’t know existed……,” she wrote on Instagram alongside a photo of the little one.

We love all these little looks into Hadid’s life with Khai and hope there are plenty more to come!

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