Gigi Hadid’s selfie secret weapon costs only $10

If you’re as adept at social media stalking as we are, then you’ve probably seen the round accessories on the back of every influencer’s phone lately. It’s been tough to figure out what they are based on a handful of selfies, but luckily we’ve had a few pop up in the office. So, obviously, we had to know—what is the purpose of these things and why does everyone have one? Evidently, they’re called Popsockets (how cute is that?) and they were designed to help stabilize and protect your phone. Nothing can ruin your day faster than a shattered iPhone screen, so these little guys are definitely worth a try. They’re also apparently the key to taking a crisp, clear selfie—because sometimes that perfect angle means an impossible level of contortion.

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Head over to HYPEBAE to find out why both Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner are obsessed with these $10 accessories and how to use them hands-free.

This article originally appeared in Coveteur by Hannah Baxter.

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