Did Gigi Hadid just cut off all her hair??

Every time Gigi Hadid does something new, millions of people pay attention. The 21-year-old fashion superstar and trendsetter recently posted a photo on her social media account that had everyone shook to the core. Every single person who saw the picture was left wondering: did Gigi Hadid just cut off all her hair??

The blond beauty sported what appeared to be a stylish blond pixie cut. In reality, Gigi Hadid was just playing a very elaborate prank on her fans. After all, what else would you do on April Fool’s day when millions of people are checking our account obsessively? In order to fully get the joke, you need to see the photo for yourself.

Gigi captioned the original post with the scissor emoji for dramatic effect. But later in the day, she edited the caption to reveal that the whole thing was an April Fool’s prank.

How did she do it?!

So how was Gigi able to fool everyone so convincingly!? Well, we’ve got a few theories. First and foremost — Photoshop. Because the model is very familiar with fashion, it isn’t crazy to think that she got someone to help Photoshop the photo.

Second, clever angles. If you don’t think that the picture was tampered with, it is possible that Gigi just knows her angles. In addition to tucking her hair in the back, Gigi turned her head creating the illusion of a pixie cut.

This is not the first time a celebrity has given us a false alarm haircut. Karlie Kloss and Lucy Hale both rocked fake bangs for a day a few months back. The only celebrity who seems to have had a real haircut recently is Kim Kardashian. Still, Gigi Hadid tricking all of us into thinking that she just cut off all her hair is pretty epic. Maybe she’ll actually go through with the cut in the future since it looked so great on her!