Gigi Hadid’s pink sherbet hair and bangs gives us all sorts of hair change envy

Whenever we have even the slightest bad hair day, we dream of completely changing our hair. Whether it’s chopping it off or dyeing it an amazing color, the hair always seems shinier on the other side of the fence. Which makes sense when awesome celebs like Gigi Hadid debut watermelon pink hair that makes us want to hit the salon immediately. Celebrities like Gigi always go so daring with their looks, and we totally appreciate the inspiration. Because seeing how a daring color looks in real life makes us that much bolder about trying bright colors ourselves.

Check out Gigi Hadid’s stunning new pink hair, which gives us ALL the hair change envy.

Gigi’s hair looks like a stunning bowl of pink sherbet, and we are obsessed. Her hair is the perfect color to get us ready for the bright colors of spring. But we also love that it has a multifaceted hue that makes it almost look natural. Because let’s face it, if anyone were to be born with stunning pink hair, we would totally believe that it would be Gigi. Plus, she also added some fabulous fringe that shows off her bright new hair color even more perfectly.

Sherbet hair definitely feels like the perfect trend to bust out of some hair monotony.

Just imagining hair that amazing makes us feel totally magical.

Because that kind of statement-making color can’t help but make you feel like a stunning mermaid princess. We’re sure Gigi can’t stop showing off her sherbet pink hair, and we wouldn’t want her to.

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