Gigi Hadid stepped out in NYC looking like a disco rodeo queen

You know those outfits you wanted to wear when you were little? The ones that were super eccentric, vaguely crazy, and SO much fun. Now, let’s be honest: Did any of us actually outgrow that phase? For practicality, probably — but we still wish we could look like a mermaid, or princess, or alien on the regular. Fashion is a kind of escapism, and playing dress-up is relaxing. To prove our point, we have the latest look from Gigi Hadid, an indispensable source of style inspo.

While out and about in New York City, Gigi looked like a disco rodeo queen in the following Kreist monochrome look. And yes, Gigi is totally giving off Lizzie McGuire Movie vibes.


This isn’t just your average Gigi Hadid outfit. This is a look! Let’s start with the color.

Not quite bubblegum pink, and not quite Millennial pink, this color lands somewhere in between. With its metallic finish, the hue also looks more refreshing than all the muted pinks we’ve been seeing on and off the catwalk.

Gigi’s matching riding jacket is cropped just above the hip for the perfect cut. And since it features calf-grazing fringe and this unexpected shade of pink, it feels like a new incarnation of our tried and true favorite leather jacket.


And those pants! The matching pink neoprene pants feature a flared leg and a high-rise, for the ultimate disco-queen-meets-space-cowgirl vibes. Plus, by pairing this outfit with a matching pair of bubblegum pink shades and chunky Aquazzura heels, Gigi shows us how to nail monochrome dressing.

Our only hope is that Gigi listened to “Space Cowboy” by *NSYNC at least once while wearing this.

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