Gigi Hadid looks like a Blue Lagoon mermaid on this British “Vogue” cover

Gigi Hadid stuns in front of any camera she poses for. The supermodel and fashion “it girl” is a total pro at looking drop-dead gorgeous.

So it’s no surprise that Gigi Hadid’s latest British Vogue cover is absolutely beautiful.

This is the second Vogue cover Gigi has posed for. The first time she landed the honor was back in July of last year. Interestingly, both covers had a water theme. Only last time, Gigi posed looking playful, athletic, and ready to join in the Rio Olympic fun. This time, her cover look is much more subdued and soft.

Though the water background is the same in both pictures, Gigi is totally transformed in this new one. The draping dress over her body looks like waves fashionably covering her. And her slicked back hair makes it look like she just went for a casual swim in the ocean behind her. Plus, that little extra hint of blue on her eyelids is making us feel like she could be an actual real-life mermaid.

The star posted the picture and her gratitude to the magazine on her Instagram page.

She wrote, "Truly grateful and honored to have shot my second @britishvogue cover !!(it's still an honor in itself to spend a day with #lucindachambers @mariotestino @tompecheux @orlandopita ! thanks for a lovely one my friends!)"

She also included some sneak peeks into other pictures from the shoot.

Despite her massive success, she continues to have a reputation for being an extremely kind, down-to-earth young woman. And, based on that caption alone, it seems like she’s truly and awesome person to be around.

In the latest issue, she discusses the reactions in her life after publishing her open letter about body shaming. People came out of the woodwork to show their support for the model and thank her for her candidness.

The issue will be available on February 3rd.

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