We can’t wait for Gigi Hadid’s “Lip Sync Battle” starring the Backstreet Boys

Spike just gave us a quick glimpse at what looks like the most awesome episode of Lip Sync Battle yet. First, it shows the amazing Gigi Hadid singing her rendition of the Backstreet Boys’ “Larger Than Life” with…wait for it…a couple of real Backstreet Boys. Is there a way to DVR this twice?

The performance is going to be doubly amazing because, as it turns out, Gigi is already a big Backstreet Boys fan, as evidenced by this Instagram video she posted a few weeks ago.

Now, she takes those skills to the next level.


In the 40-second clip, we see Gigi decked out in a truly awesome catsuit dancing with Nick Carter and AJ McLean, who she brings out on stage to the surprise of onlookers Chrissy Teigen and Tyler Posey. Together, the three of them reenact one of the world’s favorite Backstreet Boys songs while giving it their own modern twist. What song isn’t improved with the addition of Gigi Hadid?

Catch her performance this Thursday, February 25 at 10PM/9PMc on Spike!

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