Gigi Hadid directed the new Joe Jonas music vid, and the kids crushed it

Gigi Hadid: model, TV personality, all around cool chick. Now, she can add a new title to that list—director. Gigi directed DNCE’s new music video for ‘Cake By the Ocean.’ The occasion was an equally big deal for both her and her boyfriend, Joe Jonas. Not only was it her directorial debut, but it marked his first music video with the band.

The video starts out spoofing an ESPN broadcast, complete with two anchors stationed on the beach covering the First Annual International Cake Fight Championships. The scrolling ticker, which usually displays the day’s scores, gives Gigi a shoutout right off the bat.

“She’s always had a high creative eye so she came up with a concept and we rolled with it,” Jonas told Entertainment Weekly. “She was a good boss.”

The video is a delicious love letter to two of our favorite things: cake and the beach. Central to the video is literally a giant cake by the ocean.

“We were thinking of ideas and turned around and said, ‘Why not put a massive cake on the beach?,” Jonas explained. “It came together really quickly. We’re really excited about it because it’s just something that I think is wacky and fun.”

The video also features a DNCE squad of ladies who dance, dig into the cake and get into a food fight with internet comedian Josh “The Fat Jewish” Ostrovsky. Awesomely, the girls are all shapes and sizes and seriously rock every style of bathing suit. Oh, and there’s a male cheerleading squad rooting them on.

The song is seriously catchy. Take a listen—and a look! We dare you not to eat a slice of cake after.


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