Gigi Hadid just shared the story of her and Zayn Malik’s adorably awkward first date

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and it’s that time of year where everyone loves LOVE. And, with Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid, there’s more than enough love to celebrate and adore. From backstage hugs at the AMAs to PDA on the ‘Gram, this celebrity couple is goals.

Seriously, how much cuter could Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik be?

One half of Zigi, Gigi Hadid, shared some insight into the relationship on this past Friday’s  episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. There’s even some details about their first date! Awh!

The couple first met at a friend’s birthday party, missed each other at a Victoria’s Secret after party, then had their first date the following week.

That's when Gigi laid it on real smooth, saying, "you're really cute."

Way to go, girl! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but Gigi added that the couple “connected really quickly” and “had kind of the same sense of humor… sharing videos and obviously, a Ritter video [another guest on Ellen that day] started coming up.”

Since then, the couple has shared a year and a half together.

There’s been the “Pillowtalk” video.

Gigi showing her support for Zayn, who has publicly spoken about his anxiety, on Twitter.

They even shared the holidays together, which is precious!

They’re still going strong, too. Here’s their first selfie of this year.

If one thing is certain, we’re definitely rooting for Zigi. Keep being adorable and setting couple goals for us, guys!

See Gigi’s interview on Ellen below for more cuteness.

Aww, ain’t love grand?

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