Yay, Gigi Hadid just booked her dream job

Gigi Hadid started modeling back in 1997, booking a Baby Guess campaign when she was just two years old. Eighteen years and dozens of runways later, the now full-on pro just found out that all of her hard work has paid off: she has been chosen to walk in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show on December 8.

The underwear company posted a video of Gigi nailing her audition. Rocking a classic black bra and panty set, Gigi poses and laughs effortlessly. Victoria’s Secret chief marketing officer, Ed Razek, asks her what she’s doing the weekend of the fashion show, and she starts giggling. “I don’t know,” she answers. And then girl figures it out– she’s going to be walking as a VS Angel.

As she realizes what just happened, Gigi bursts into the happiest angel tears ever. After the announcement, she posted a photo of the moment on Instagram with this emotional caption: “Couldn’t keep back my tears!!!! Anyone that grew up with me knows that getting this show has been a dream of mine forever! THANK YOU @victoriassecret & @ed_razek! One of the happiest moments of my life. ❤️ #vsfashionshow2015”

Gigi has been an awesome role model in addition to being a regular ol’ fashion model. She’s advocated for healthy body image, openly supported other women, and helped raise awareness for Lyme Disease, which her mom and two siblings all live with According to Elle, this year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show costumes are going to be part snowflake, part fireworks, and 100% sparkly. Gigi is going to absolutely kill it! Watch her reaction to being picked to walk the VSFS catwalk here:


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