Love to See It: Gigi Hadid Is Using New Motherhood for Political Good

"I voted absentee last week with my daughter next to me."

Now that she has both her future and that of her daughter to think about and prepare for, Gigi Hadid is driving home the importance of getting out and voting in the 2020 presidential election. In an October 24th Instagram post, Hadid asked her friends and followers share their voting plan in order to make this country a better one for future generations.

I voted absentee last week with my daughter next to me, for an America I want her to see, Hadid wrote on Instagram.

“but not just for us—for fellow Americans that are less privileged, with hope for a nation that is unified, that is empathetic, & for a leader that is compassionate,” she continued.

The model included maps and dates for how to vote early in the election depending on where you live. Of course, you can always vote in person on Election Day, November 3rd, too, which is only one week away.

“YOU HAVE A WEEK AND A HALF. IF YOU’RE VOTING EARLY IM PROUD OF YOU. IF YOU MAILED IN YOUR ABSENTEE BALLOT I’M PROUD OF YOU. (&& if you dropped it off at your County’s Board of Elections Office or at an Early Polling Site I’m proud of you!!) IF YOU’RE GOING TO THE POLLS ON NOVEMBER 3RD I’M PROUD OF YOU,” she wrote in her caption. “Whatever your PLAN, I’m proud of you; make sure you have one !!!”

Hadid and partner Zayn Malik welcomed their daughter into the world back in September. “The love i feel for this tiny human is beyond my understanding,” Malik wrote in his announcement post. “Grateful to know her, proud to call her mine, & thankful for the life we will have together.”

And now that she’s here, the gravity of choosing a leader who will build a better world for this tiny human to live in clearly weighs heavy on Hadid.

As one of the slides in Hadid’s post reads, “Privilege has no place in an election, but empathy does.”

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