Gigi Hadid Just Got Her First Major Haircut in Years

Does she look even more like Bella now or is it just us?

New mom Gigi Hadid is trying something new for the year ahead. The model posted a selfie on December 16th showing off her brand-new curtain bangs, and it looks like the “quarantine bangs” trend is still in full swing.

Fresh snow fresh cut, Hadid captioned the post, tagging her hairstylist Alejandra, who seemingly gave her the chop.

Olympian Ibtihaj Muhammad commented, “Beautiful,” and mom Yolanda Hadid added a heart and wrote, “Love you.”

Though she’s dabbled in a variety of different ‘dos by way of wigs, Hadid has kept her natural hair long, simple, and the same for several years. In fact, this is the first major haircut she’s debuted in the past five years. Her shorter face-framing layers allowed Hadid to pull off a curtain-bang effect back in 2018. But her latest cut is the boldest (and shortest) she’s cut in quite some time.

She shared another snap of her new look on her Instagram Stories. We’re not sure what those tears are about—if we looked that good in curtain bangs, we certainly wouldn’t be crying. Maybe they’re tears of joy…

gigi hadid new hair

If Hadid’s bangs look familiar, it’s probably because her sister Bella has been rocking ’90s-style curtain bangs (and early aughts-inspired highlights) for most of this year.

Bella’s been sporting a Spice Girls-esque hairdo in recent months, keeping her bangs minimal, gelled together, and punk when wearing them out of a slicked-back ponytail. It’s definitely a look that she’s pulling off seamlessly.

Living that new-mom lifestyle, Gigi’s curtain bangs are a low-stress, minimal-effort style that look good no matter how much time she has to get ready in the morning. Just when we thought that maybe we were safe from wanting to cut our own bangs during the pandemic, the Hadid sisters are tempting us.

To curtain bang, or not to curtain bang? That is the question.

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