Gigi Hadid has a go-to song for getting through breakups and it’s a good one

While everyone has different ways of handling heartbreak, there’s one thing we pretty much all do: listen to sad music and cry. Music tugs at our emotions in a way nothing else can, lifting us up or letting us curl up in our sadness to get it all out. Gigi Hadid can relate. While we hope the 21-year-old model won’t have to listen to breakup music any time soon, it’s good to know there’s one song she can rely on: “Let It Go” by James Bay.

Teen Vogue reports that Gigi revealed this tidbit while hosting the MuchMusic Video Awards on Sunday night. Joined by Canadian actor and model Robbie Amell, Gigi introduced James’s live performance of the song, but not before asking Robbie a very important question: is he more likely to break hearts or to have his heart broken? While Robbie said he tries to never break hearts, he revealed that his go-to breakup anthem is the classic “99 Problems” by Jay-Z.

Gigi, on the other hand, is more subdued. Although her relationship with Zayn Malik seems to be nothing but love and support, she told the crowd that James Bay’s song will always have her back in times of need. Then, she introduced the singer, who gave a performance of “Let It Go” that was even more heartbreaking than the first time we heard it.

Watch below!

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