Gigi Hadid expertly explained why she doesn’t listen to her body image haters

In addition to being fierce AF model, one of Taylor Swift’s nearest and dearest, and an A+ music video director, Gigi Hadid has also recently emerged as a wonderful activist for body positivity. In September, Gigi published an essay on Instagram addressed to her haters in which she both stood up for her body and thoughtfully parsed through why it is that people feel the need to comment on the bodies of others in the first place.

She gave a shout out not just to body positivity, but to positivity in general:

Gigi followed up on this essay recently in an interview with British Vogue (she’s January’s cover girl, go lady!) in which she spouted off some more awesome body positive wisdom:

It’s so great that Gigi give a shout out to all body types in her response, and makes it clear that she will not change her body (and no one should change their body) because of negativity that comes from the misery of others, the hater impulse to bring women who are comfortable and confident in their own skin down to the level of the trolls.

In an interview in which she was celebrating ALL the ladies, Gigi made a point of giving shout outs to two of her favorite friends.

First, Gigi talked about how Cara Delevingne has inspired her to be her most real self on social:

She also loved on one of her very best friends, Kendall Jenner:

We love this generous and good-hearted interview. You keep doing you, G, it’s REALLY working for you.

(Image Instagram/Vogue)

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