Gigi Hadid has armpit hair in a fitness photo shoot, and apparently people still can’t handle a woman having body hair

Gigi Hadid is the star of Love magazine’s most recent advent calendar video, and in it, she boxes, kicks, highlights her athletic prowess, oh and she has armpit hair. Hadid is a model of physical strength and glamour, and yet, some people on the internet are stressed out by a woman with armpit hair.

Every December, Love magazine releases its annual advent calendar, which is basically just a series of video featuring the most popular models of the moment doing stuff. Last week Emily Ratajakowski was featured for the third day of the advent, and for her video she rolled out in spaghetti, you know, as you do. It was cute and fun, whatever, spaghetti…that’s kind of the POINT of the Love advent calendar. It’s frustrating that some people turned Hadid’s fun shadowboxing video into an “Omigod, does she have pit hair?” crusade.

“I know its a natural thing but gosh,” wrote one commenter.

“Disgusting #yuck,” wrote another.

Hadid says that the advent calendar is “celebratory of epic human beings and always pushes boundaries.” Clearly, the comments section didn’t get the memo. However, to play devil’s advocate, some fans claim that it’s not armpit hair, but that it is the lint inside a jacket that is sticking to her body.

To be quite honest, analyzing Hadid’s armpits to try to determine what is on them is not helpful either.

From body hair to breastfeeding, it is frustrating that women are still scrutinized for personal choices that they make about their bodies. In this video, Hadid is a kickass supermodel — let’s celebrate that.

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