17 gifts for the yoga lover in your life

Centering yourself isn’t the easiest task in the world, and no one knows that better than yogis. While some prefer to melt their stresses away at the gym, others prefer to downward dog their worries into oblivion. In addition to obvious health benefits, there’s another reason you should do more yoga: because there’s a high probability that people who love you will bless you with the most awesomely unique yoga gifts.

Don’t believe us? Just meditate on it for a few minutes. But seriously though, buying kickass gifts for the yogi in your life (or purchasing them for yourself, fellow yoga-lover) will definitely help you find some inner solitude. Mindful gift-giving tends to have that effect on you.

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Since we all know someone who’s absolutely obsessed with doing yoga, get your namaste on and fold your body into an online shopping warrior pose because these items on our gift guide for yogis aren’t gonna buy themselves!

1Wine for yoga lovers, $12-$16 a bottle.

2Handmade yoga chakra bracelet, $28.90

3Eco-friendly cork yoga mat, $75

4Meditation candle, $6.65+

5Cat yoga fridge magnets, $7.50


6Yoga washi tape, $3.24

7Yoga Hair Don’t Care sweater, $29.99

8Cork yoga block, $12.95

9Balancing Sage Mineral Bath, $2.93


10Full-toe yoga grip socks, $11.90

11Bali mermaid artisan-carved wood sculpture, $42.99

12Nancy Drew yoga card, $3.83

13The Yoga Bible on Kindle, $9.99


14Yoga leggings with pockets, $14.98+

15Reversible yoga bag, $9

16I Bend So I Don’t Break Yoga Mug, $15+

17Yoga tea, $14.79


Happy shopping! Hopefully this trusty guide keeps you from bending over backwards to find the perfect gift for the yoga lover in your life.

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