18 gifts to give your pet when they’re your Valentine

If you’re an obsessed pet parent, then you know you’ve got one true Valentine, and you’ll want to gift accordingly. Humans are cool and everything, but whether or not you’ve got a spouse or significant other, you know there’s one creature that will always stand by you and won’t get mad if you don’t do the dishes. While you’re shopping for gifts for your human partner or human besties, you won’t want to leave out your non-human best friend.

Whether your bae barks, meows, flies, swims, or slithers, why not show your affection during this season of love? There’s sure to be a treat they’ll enjoy, and it’ll feel good to see them so happy. So what if your pet doesn’t realize it’s a holiday? You love them all year long, don’t you? We’ve assembled a list of gifts for your precious baby nugget. Check it out!

1Pettsie Cat Collar with Friendship Bracelet, $14.95


Match your cat with this BFF bracelet. The breakaway collar will help keep adventurous kitties safe.

2WHIMZEES Hedgehog Dental Dog Treats, Large, 6 count, $16.14


A dog would chew a real hedgehog if it could, but that would be painful, not to mention savage. This chewable one is good for pupper’s teeth and formulated for dogs with food sensitivities.

3Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Health Honey Cockatiel Treat Sticks, 2-count, $3.49


A crunchy, healthy snack for your Valentine who flies and chirps.

4Karma Kiss Traveling Dog – Gift In A Tin, $ 22


Everything you need for traveling with your bestie.

5Hydor H2ShOw Volcano Bubble Maker Kit for Aquariums, $41.99


Give your finned friend the real Jurassic experience.

6Tiffany & Co. Dog Bowl, $175.00


Your dog can have her breakfast…at Tiffany’s. (We had to.)

7Smart Pet Love Snuggle Kitty Behavioral Aid Cat Toy, Tan Tiger, $39.94


Nervous kitty? This lifelike toy produces warmth and a heartbeat effect to soothe cats with separation anxiety or loneliness. No, you’re crying.

8Zoo Med Repticare Rock Heater, $9.59-$18.99


Cold blood, warm heart. Keep your snake, lizard, or other reptile buddy warm during the cold winter.

9 Horsemen’s Pride Stall Snack Combo with Apple Scented Ball Horse Treat, $33.99


Got a horse? (Jealous.) Treat them to this apple-inspired treat.

10Lovepop Love Dog 3D card, $13


A next-level pop-up card that you won’t want to toss in the recycling bin.

11Wag City Clothing Dog Hair Don’t Care Dog Tee, $20


Dog hair is like, totally hot this season.

12Wag City Clothing Dog Hair Don’t Care Human Tee, $20


Macth with your pupper and show everyone exactly how unbothered you are.

13BarkShop I Ruff You Pup-Pie, $9


Yogurt, peanut butter, and pumpkin are the healthy ingredients in this yummy pup pie.

14Lucky Pet Metal Heart Tag, $11.95


You’ve got heart eyes for your furry friend all year long.

15Medium Munchy Swinger, $31.99


Your featherbaby is really going to appreciate this.

16BarkShop Long Haul Bundle, $27


“If you love your dog so much, why don’t you marry them?”

17Petstages Tower of Tracks Cat Toy, $13.27


Kitty will be entranced for hours.

18BarkShop Flowers Bouquet, $16


The type of flowers it’s okay for a pup to tear up.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your bestie!

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