10 out of this world gifts for the chick obsessed with outer space

With just two weeks until Christmas, many of us are pressed to grab those last minute holiday gifts for loved ones. But, what if your loved one has a very specific interest…like, anything outer space or galactic related? Don’t fret! We’ve totally got you covered. We scoured the web and found a few astronomy-themed gifts for your fave intergalactic girl that’ll be sure to keep you in her good graces.

Check out our 10 gift ideas for a the gal pal in your life obsessed with outer space, below! Trust us…you won’t be disappointed.

1Outer Space Nebula Nail Wraps


You can grab these for $21, here!

2Galaxy Space Umbrella


And you can get this for $15, here!

3Handmade Galaxy Soap Bars


You can grab one for $8.99, here!

4Astronomy Journal


You can custom order one of $50, here!

5Crescent Moon String Lights


Grab these beauties for $28, here!

6Planet Lollipops


You can get a pack of these for $30, here!

7Decorative Celestial Glass Sphere


Grab this for $34, here!

8Pink Galaxy Pillow Cover


You can get this for $30, here!

9Mercury Necklace


Grab it for $21, here!

10Meteorite Section Scarf


And get this for $65, here!

We’d suggest throwing in a pair of Rogue One tickets to top off the epic present, too! She’d totally love you to infinity and beyond.

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