Gifts For The Mad Men Lover

Mad Men is still on hiatus, but that doesn’t mean its fans are. To get through my Mad Men-less days, I watch the series over and over on Netflix, dress like Megan Draper, and snap at small children like Betty. Let’s assume your Mad Men fan has the whole series on DVD or Netflix. Here are some other gifts you can get them for the holiday season that are just groovy.

The Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook, $12.24, Amazon.

Let’s get right into it with some actual Mad Men themed goods. This isn’t just a cookbook; it’s also a 1960’s history book on American culture. If your little Mad Men fan has been good this year, this is where you start.

Pet Sounds by The Beach Boys on vinyl, $19.95, Turntable Lab.

Roger listened to this classic while on LSD, specifically the perfect track “I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times.”

Cruiser Turntable, $79.95, Fab.

You are just made for these times with this barely 6 pound portable record player that also lets you plug in your mp3 player!

Mondrian Tumblers, $9.95 each for non-museum members, MoMA Store.

Get ready, because this list is going to feature a lot of goodies from NYC Museum of Modern Art’s online store. Make an Old Fashioned in a new fashioned way with these tumblers, reminiscent of Yves Saint Laurent’s famous 1969 shift dress based on the Mondrian painting.

Rosemary’s Baby movie poster, unframed, $19.99, Movie Poster Shop.

This is a gorgeous non-American print of the Polanski horror film starring Mia Farrow. Mad Men fans will remember this movie almost leading to Peggy and Ted’s career downfalls.

The I Hate To Cook Book, $17.42, Amazon.

I love to cook but I love this book. Published in 1960, this is the 50th Anniversary Edition, which proves how beloved this book is. You’ll find easy and classic 1960’s recipes in this book, like “Cheese Balls”, “Fluffy Onion Spuds”, and “Cancan Casserole.” I have a feeling when Betty Francis was Betty Draper, she used this book like it was ready to self-destruct.

Cocktail shaker, $130 for non-members, MoMA Store.

This is the Jaguar of cocktail shakers — except it works. Hey-oh! Originally designed in 1957 by Carlo Mazzeri, this shaker, according to the Museum of Modern Art, “earned an honored place in design history.” Made in Italy. Dishwasher safe! (For $130 it better be, right?)

Aarne Crystal Cocktail Glasses, $50 for a set of two for non-members, MoMA Store.

You’re going to need glasses with that shaker. Though the design looks refreshingly modern, these were actually designed in 1948! Made of lead-free crystal and designed in Germany, you could make even the worst gilmet and still have a successful cocktail.

Sterling Cooper & Partners mug, $13.49, Cafe Press.

Sterling Cooper & Partners has too many partners already but you can feel like one with this mug! It’s just like the one Peggy was drinking from in season 6.

And finally…

Nicole Miller Elizabeth Bell Sleeve Tunic Dress, $189, Zappos.

It’s not the perfect Megan Draper Zou Bisou dress, but it’s damn close!

Photo: Huffington Post

Get your Mad Men gal (or dude, I don’t know your life) this LMDBD (little Megan Draper black dress) for one swinging evening! I’d ask my secretary to do it, but she’s dead.

A merry holiday season to all!