Gifts for the Jane Austen Super Fan

Die-hard Austenites like myself are always thrilled when they receive a gift that not only lets them know that the giver knows them oh-so-well, but also that their obsession with all things Austen is supported! I’ve been shopping for Jane Austen-themed gifts for my friends and family (and not-so-secretly for myself) for years, and while I was on my hunt this year, I found some amazing items that will surely bring a wide smile, not to mention a big hug and probably even a squeal, from the ladies in your life. Here is a list of some of my favorites (and for my friends that are reading this, I certainly would not be opposed to receiving any of the things on here! Hint hint!):

Penguin Classics Hardcover Books – $20 & up from Penguin

These hardcover books are beautiful! They are a luxurious addition to anyone’s library. All six of Austen’s novels are gorgeously bound, so you will be able to pick up your annual holiday favorite (mine’s Emma!) this year. Give your friend her favorite or pick one that she hasn’t read yet; you’ll be giving her romantic adventure! These books can also amazing heirlooms and would be perfect to gift to a family member so they can cherish both the book and your thoughtfulness forever.

Made You Book Sweatshirt- $42.99 from Modcloth

From our favorite online shopping spot, Modcloth, this beautiful sweatshirt is a must-have for all P&P fans! It is a beautiful gray sweatshirt with a vintage feel and ornate, but demure, print. It can be paired with skinny jeans and flats for an easy smart-chic look or with a skater skirt and statement necklace for a more glamorous feel.

Pride and Prejudice Cookie Cutter Set- $16.21 from Etsy

Etsy is the perfect place to find Jane Austen gifts! They have an abundance of t-shirts, bookmarks, and prints, which a simple search will help you find. But these adorable cookie cutters are a standout. Perfect for the hybrid Austen and baking-loving girl, these make a whimsical, meaningful, and useful gift. Lizzie and Darcy cookies are the perfect accompaniment to a to a P&P tea party!

“Mr. Darcy’s Guide to Courtship” about $10.56 from Amazon

Check out the author on this dating advice book! This is a quick and easy read that will have you both blushing and laughing out loud. I love reading this from Mr. Darcy’s perspective and oh my, this Mr. Darcy (who is single and has not yet met Lizzie) is SNARKY! Any P&P fan who has basically memorized the book will love this humorous look into Mr. Darcy’s mind! Make sure you check out the “Dear Mr. Darcy” section at the end and see which familiar gentlemen ask Mr. Darcy for romantic advice, and what he has to say!

Emma Pencil Pouch by kate spade- $29.95 from Papyrus

This is perfect for the more understated and ladylike fans. This simple but gorgeous Kate Spade pencil-case is sentimental and functional. It is very sophisticated and sleek in its design but evokes our favorite silly matchmaker- reminding us to be a little bit of both. These are sold online and in stores and can be found at Papyrus, Nordstrom, kate spade new york, and Bloomingdales.

Cozy Classics: “Pride and Prejudice”- $6.07 from Amazon

I had to buy this book the second I saw it! It is our favorite story in 12 words! With beautiful “illustrations”, which are gorgeous felt dolls made to resemble the characters from the 2005 adaptation, this is the perfect Jane Austen-loving mommy or mommy-to-be. Now the 2-year-old in your life can learn about how Mr. Darcy was “mean” (one of the 12 words) to Lizzie!

Pride and Poetry Kit- $11.95 from Magnetic Poetry

Perfect for your most literary Austenite friend, this set will let her create her own Regency masterpiece on her fridge or memo board. The collection features  Austen-esque words like: handsome, sensibility, bachelor, and scoundrel among others.

Personalized Novels – $24.95 and up from UStar Novels

I saved the best for last! I guarantee that every girl who has read Austen has imagined herself in shoes of one of the great heroines, and this gifts allows that dream to come true! These are personalized various of your favorite Austen novels in which YOU are the leading lady and your boyfriend, husband, or even the crush next door stars as a passionate and handsome regency gentleman. Each story allows you to cast around six of the characters, which is perfect for including your bestie as Jane or that snotty girl at work as Lydia!