16 Gifts for People Who Have Everything This Holiday Season

These unique ideas will be a welcome addition to their existing collections.

While we love our most self-sufficient friends and family, they’re not always the easiest people to shop for. In the words of our pop princess Ariana Grande, these folks are all about the “I want it, I got it” mentality, meaning they have just about everything. That’s great (we love a boss who goes after what they want), but it makes it extra tricky to find gifts for them—especially during the holidays. After all, what do you get for someone who has everything?

When it comes to finding gift ideas for your mom, who tells you she doesn’t want anything, or your BFF, who is the queen of treating herself, you have to get a little creative. That’s why we rounded up these unique gifts to give the person who has everything. From useful items they can add to their existing collections to humorous gifts that are just for fun, we bet they won’t have these 16 gifts lying around already.

Gifts for the person who has everything:

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