This gift to a teacher is going viral for the most hilarious reason

When you think of a gift for a teacher, you may think of the classic gift — an apple (d’aw!). Or maybe, you’ll think of a bouquet of flowers, or a cute little mug that says “World’s Best Teacher.” Cute, but let’s be real — how many of those mugs will a teacher get in her lifetime? That’s why one picture of a very, very original (but brilliant!) teacher’s gift is going totally viral on Imgur for the best reason ever.

Recently, Redditor martyz posted a picture of a wine bottle, dubbing it “the most honest gift to a teacher [he’s] ever seen.” But it wasn’t just any wine bottle. The bottle had a picture of a child on it, with the caption “Our child might be the reason you drink so enjoy this bottle on us!” PURE BRILLIANCE:

Not only is this gift absolutely hysterical and imaginative, but truly understanding of what teachers have to go through on a daily basis. Not only looking after dozens of children , but teaching them and keeping them orderly? That’s a feat indeed, and no matter how awesome the kids are, it can wear on your nerves a bit. This is a sentiment that hit home for (and inspired a giggle from) thousands of people, because the picture went viral on Imgur with over three million views.

“I used to be a teacher,” one Redditor commented. “This would be way better than all of the other junk we get (other than thank you notes, those are pure gold and we never forget them).”

The wine bottle was purchased from personalized wine company Evermine. Of course, teachers love their students, but they also deserve a nice glass of wine at the end of a long day at school if they want it — especially from a bottle that makes them laugh!

(Image via Imgur/Paramount Pictures)

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