Gift Guides: The Best Holiday Gifts For The Gym-Goer

Who doesn’t love going to the gym? Well – most people. But for some, it’s a healthy part of a daily routine. When I find the courage to put down the chips and the 30 Rock reruns and head to my local gym, I admit that I feel pretty great afterward. I’m sure you have a friend who runs two miles on a treadmill and doesn’t break a sweat, and you just can’t hate her for it. Because she does it for her, and not to make you feel like a human pile of old nachos and sadness.

Here are a few gift ideas for the gym rat in your life. After all, you can’t get by with gifting them free weights every year.

1. Wordlock 5-Dial Combination Padlock, $7.19 on Amazon

Also appropriate for the word nerd in your life, this combination lock is a lot more fun than your average numerical lock. Instead of forgetting a combination of numbers, your friend only needs to remember a word that he or she sets, to ensure that their wallet and street clothes are safe from gym predators. They’re weatherproof, and are made of hardened steel for maximum security.

2. FitDeck Exercise Playing Cards, $9.95-$16.95 on

These cards help keep your workout fresh, and allow you to specify the type of workout you want. Even better, there are a bunch of different FitDecks that can adapt to everyone’s lifestyle – FitDeck Prenatal, FitDeck Junior, and FitDeck Senior to be specific. When I first saw them, my first thought was “they’re like sexy dice, for athletes!” (Note to readers: I don’t personally own either of the products I’ve just mentioned.)

There’s even a FitDeck app, so you can get a crazy workout mix on your phone as well. But let’s face it – cards just seem like they’re more fun.

3. Philips Wake-up Light, $89.99 at Amazon

Bless those who have the time and energy for a morning workout before work. This little gadget can make their early rise a bit more pleasant. Light gradually increases for 30 minutes before your alarm time, to gently prepare your body to wake up. The light is meant to simulate the sunrise, and it’s much better than an annoying buzzer. Even better, the Wake-Up Light lets you select the light intensity that best suits your personal preferences. You might end up picking one up for yourself, as well. With time, you might just have to break up with your snooze button.

4. Vibram FiveFingers Shoes from The Shoe Mart, prices vary

Sure, they aren’t the most fashion forward shoes. But there’s a reason these are super popular amongst runners. These shoes can strengthen muscles in the feet and lower legs, and also help to create less impact on the knees. Vibram also offers a few vegan-friendly shoes, which is pretty darn cool.

5. Bamboo Bottle, $20-$30 from various retailers

Every athlete needs a good water bottle, and this might be one of the best options. Inside the bamboo insulated cover is a glass bottle, so your favorite athlete won’t have metallic-tasting water. These bottles are leak-proof, and also dishwasher safe. Even better, they can even successfully hold a post-workout smoothie.

6. Noise-Isolating In-Ear Headphones, $18.98 from Amazon

I don’t know about you, but when I’m at the gym, I want a reliable headphone that won’t slip out of my weird ears as I’m dominating the elliptical machine. These headphones by MEElectronics run for less than twenty dollars, and lock in your ear to make sure your workout isn’t disrupted by fallen buds.

If your athlete is like me, they also have a habit of losing headphones. Since they’re a tiny accessory, it’s easy for them to disappear in a gym bag or a purse. No matter how many pairs of headphones your friend has, it’s always good to have a surplus.

7. Speedo Aqua Fitness Gloves, $22.99 from SpeedoUSA

Is your friend into swimming? They might dig these fitness gloves, which help provide resistance while in the water. These gloves help work the upper body, and feature webbed fingers, a rubber palm, and adjustable wrist closure. Also, they look pretty powerful, and don’t cost a fortune.

8. iTunes Gift Card from Best Buy, prices vary

Sure, this might be the easy way out. But in February, it was announced that we, the people, have downloaded more than 25 billion songs from the iTunes Store. That’s a lot of music.

Nobody will ever shrug at an iTunes gift card that’ll help them expand their collection of gym-ready music. And even though it might be a bit impersonal, it’ll be much appreciated.

Gym fans – any other ideas to help fellow Gigglers give their workout buddies something they’ll like for the holidays?

Image Credits: Amazon (Lock, FitDeck, Headphones) The Greenhead (Philips), GettingStronger (Vibram), Gizmodo (Bamboo), AquaGear (Gloves), Shutterstock (featured)

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