GIFs are getting their own channel. Thank you, Tumblr TV.

Tumblr just launched a crazy new feature that lets you watch a stream of random GIFs for all eternity. It’s called Tumbr TV, and it’s seriously addicting. Part search engine and part deserving of an Emmy, the service plays GIFs in full screen mode and is available to everyone, not just account-holders. So if you don’t already have a Tumblr, don’t worry about thinking of a creative username; just make sure you’re sitting in a comfy spot when you open this bad boy because you’re probably going to be hanging out there for quite a while.

There are a few different ways to use the feature. The first is the simplest: go to and the channel will automatically start playing GIFs that are trending around the site. You can play, skip back and forth, and pause to keep one GIF on repeat. If you are a Tumblr-er, the ‘reblog’ and ‘favorite’ buttons are on the bottom of the screen so you can easily share the best GIFs you find. The stuff that shows up can be ridiculously random — it’s hard to look away.

If you want to narrow down the subject matter, you can click on hashtags to change the channel’s focus. You can also search for specific keywords. Like, maybe  I  you want to see some GIFs involving cats. Simply enter “cats” into the search box and you’ll be treated to something like this.

Hooked yet?

Lastly, Tumblr TV allows you to watch GIFs that you have blogged on your personal page. Type your username at the end the URL like this: Voila!

There goes your weekend.

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