This giant mermaid cocktail should officially be the drink of summer

On sticky summer days, the best pick-me-up is a delicious, refreshing cocktail. The giant mermaid cocktail at this New York City bar is basically perfection. If you find yourself in Manhattan this season, you can head to Watermark to get this lovely concoction served in a giant, blue mermaid cup, large enough to share with friends. Believe us, you’ll want to split it. The “Siren,” as it’s called on the menu, is 114 ounces of frozen margarita with a dash of sangria, complete with festive swirly straws.

This is a party in a mermaid tale, y’all.

It’s $80, but it’s strong AF. And can you really put a price on a refreshing frozen margarita in the prettiest mermaid cup ever? Exactly. Everything at Watermark is equally fancy and delicious. It’s a ginormous indoor and outdoor bar on Pier 15, which is down by Wall Street. You can drink your mermaid cocktail over the East River and take selfies with the Brooklyn Bridge in the background. It’s no tropical island, but if you squint really hard (or drink a 114-ounce margarita), you can pretend.

Check this beauty out.

For an extra fee on top of the $80, you can also take the mermaid mug home, since everything costs extra in New York City.

If you don’t have anyone to share the mermaid with, there are other delicious treats, too.

Mermaids are on trend this summer. If you are feeling way more adventurous than just a trip to the Big Apple, but also want to get your mermaid cocktail on, you can add this mermaid cafe in Thailand. It’s absolutely magical.

Or forget the travel all together and just whip up a batch of margaritas with your friends, put a swirly straw in the glass, and poof! You got yourself a DIY mermaid party.

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