A giant Lite-Brite has been created for adults, be still our Lite-Brite-loving hearts

Here’s your daily dose of amazing nostalgia: there’s now a giant Lite-Brite in existence. And no, you don’t have to wander into the nearest Toys ‘R’ Us to get it, either.

The folks over at the design firm Hero Design have just unveiled their newest creation: The Everbright. It is basically, a giant, memorizing Lite-Brite, that doesn’t include tiny little pegs that get lost in the carpet, or tearing through an insane amount of black construction paper to bring your light design to life. Instead, they’ve got pegs, that when rotated, change different colors (also the lights used here are LED, so hello sustainability!). Made up of 464 pegs in total, their Everbright can create every single color of the rainbow.

The Everbright was created for Hero Design’s own work space, but they think it’d work great everywhere else, too. Accordingly, they’ve listed off eight reasons why everyone should have an Everbright, starting with the fact that it “refreshes hard-working brains.” They explain, “Unconscious minds are free to work through hard problems as hands tinker with this screen-free, device-free, interruption-free, tactile toy,” and companies will also be able to boast, “Zero awkward happy hours.” Hey, that’s a plus.

They’ve also listed off some places where they think the Everbright would be great, like medical waiting rooms or a children’s museum. They do, however, forget to list off that this would look GREAT in all of our living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, literally everywhere.

Oh, it’s also got animation features built into it. So create your design, and then watch it come to life. Try doing that, $20.93 Lite-Brite that I just found on Target’s website.

However, the price for this Everbright is much steeper than $20.93. Um, you could actually purchase 1,194 old school Lite-Brites for the price it costs to buy one Everbright, which stands at a whopping $25,000.

But let’s not put a price on the unlimited creations with a giant Everbright mounted on your wall. If you’re dying to see this in action, take a look at the video below. And then start saving up.

Everbright from Romy Randev on Vimeo.

(Images via Vimeo/EverBright)


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