This giant horse was just casually hanging out at a nursing home, being the chillest buddy ever

Imagine rolling out of bed to find a huge horse hanging out in your spot like you’re the host of the weekly farm animal social. That is basically what happened when this giant Clydesdale horse visited residents at a nursing home. An endearing photo of the gigantic horse taking time out of its day to mingle with humans at an unidentified establishment recently surfaced on Reddit, and it’s a surefire way to get the feels flowin’.

Studies show that horses have a tendency to hang out in cliques, but this precious creature decided to break away from the norm and devote some time to making the world a better place.

"Clydesdale came to visit the nursing home today," the photo caption reads.

Clydesdale came to visit the nursing home today. from pics

Well, if you’re gonna get up close and personal with a horse, then a house call is a pretty special way to go about it, dontcha think? Plus, being in the presence of a horse has a ton of therapeutic benefits as shown by these miniature therapy horses greeting residents at a nursing home in Sweden a couple years back.

And you thought people were doing yoga on horses just so they could get more likes on Instagram. Well, the social media attention probably plays a factor, but it’s mostly about the calming effect horses have on people and other animals.

Honestly, there’s no way in hell a cat would ride a horse if it posed even a semblance of a threat, so we’d definitely be willing to allow these hooves to guide us to a zen state of mind.