This ‘female-friendly’ church is literally a giant Cinderella slipper

Quick, if you had to list the reasons why you haven’t been to church as of late, would “My church doesn’t look like a giant high-heel” be literally anywhere on your list? One Taiwanese church is betting yes: In a bid to attract female attendees, officials in Budai have finished work on a 55-foot tall glass pump-slash-church. It is ridiculous. It is amazing. It is very, very shiny.

Set to open before the Lunar New Year on February 8, the non-denominational church structure was created in just two months. Despite the fact that its design strikingly resembles that of Cinderella’s famous glass slippers, the shape and material actually come from a wedding tradition in which the bride steps on and shatters ceramic tiles before entering the groom’s family home. (Shattering things is a crosscultural wedding thing.) It could be that the glass shoe/wedding symbolism has to do with Taiwan’s steadying but still low marriage rate, a theory buoyed by the church’s other “female-friendly” features.

According to Complex, these include: Double chairs for lovers, maple trees and leaves for a romantic atmosphere, and cakes. Ah yes, that’s how you reel women in, with sugary food, pretty plants, and countless reminders of the romantic lives they’re supposed to cherish and cultivate above everything else.

Check out a video of the church below. If nothing else, Disney enthusiasts will surely appreciate the new sight:

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