Here’s a super-giant Big Mac in memory of the inventor of McDonald’s classic burger

We’ve dedicated countless hours and bandwidth to drooling over Hellthy JunkFood‘s cooking videos, but the YouTube channel’s latest clip has us feeling hunger as usual, but also a bit emotional. So, the giant Big Mac is the latest culinary creation of hosts JP and Julia, who quickly discovered the title of “World’s Largest Big Mac” was already taken (a few times). But those previous attempts don’t take away their efforts to pay homage to Michael “Jim” Delligatti, the late inventor of the Big Mac, who would’ve undoubtedly appreciated the “larger than normal Big Mac.”

Although they were up against some pretty stiff competition, we had nothing but total faith that JP and Julia’s er, original burger recipe would be a success. TBH, we’re still marveling at their DIY supersized Chicken McNugget recipe, so we expected this bigger-than-average Big Mac to be nothing short of mouthwatering, sesame bun-bouncing perfection.

Ugh, but then Julia ended up with a wonky whisk and got us paranoid over the outcome. And to make matters worse, they tried but failed to get someone else to make the bun, but who cares because JP eventually baked this GLORIOUS sesame seed bun and once again, all was right with the world:

Like pretty much everything they cook, the caloric content for the “larger than normal Big Mac” is a mind-boggling 4,125 calories (a portion of which is owed to regret), which makes us super relieved that JP and Julia split the burger with a few of their friends.

We would suggest pairing this burger with Hellthy JunkFood’s DIY butterbeer, but unless you’re a competitive eater, your stomach probably won’t have much room for it.