When you crack this giant amethyst open, CHOCOLATE pours out

We’ve all been there — stuck on Instagram at 3am, under god knows what hashtag, staring at donuts, sweet treats, and a myriad of delectable delights. You end up staying up way past when you should, simply because you can’t look away, and honestly it’s not your fault!

But if you’ve ever been entranced by baking or watching lava cakes ooze in slow motion, prepare yourself because we found your newest obsession: chocolate amethyst geode cakes. Yes. That is correct, a fusion of our love for crystals and chocolate existsand it’s probably better than you imagined.

The concoction was created by Alex Yeatts, a baking and pastry student pursuing his Bachelors degree at the Culinary Institute of America in New York.

Are you ready for this? We’re not sure you’re ready for this.

According to Alex’s Instagram, the process to create these magical chocolate concoctions took six months. The insides are rock candy, so we’re assuming they had to take a while to crystallize.

Either way, we’re here for this. Now if only we could taste it…