This school continues to catch ghosts on camera, and we need to form a calming circle

Earlier this month, security footage of some paranormal-esque activity at an Ireland school went viral. Now, the school posted another video indicating that the ghosts have returned.

Deerpark C.B.S., a secondary school in Cork, Ireland, posted CCTV footage recorded on October 1st that promptly took over the internet, probably because the footage of what seemed like ghosts was TERRIFYING. In the video, doors slammed, inanimate objects flew out of lockers, and a “wet floor” sign was sent careening across the hall with no one seen throwing it.

The school posted another video revealing that the pesky poltergeist has returned.

In the footage, recorded on October 25th at 5:30 a.m., a poster flew off the wall, a backpack flies out of a storage cubby, a poster is torn from a wall, and a chair drags across the floor, seemingly of its own accord.

To these ghosts, all we can say is NOPE. NOOOOOOOPE.

Now, some speculate that both videos are fake: According to debunking YouTube channel Duck of Truth, all you need to fake ghost footage are video editing skills and some fishing line.

Bustle also points out that the release of the creepy footage is conveniently timed with the school’s Halloween-themed Fear Park, which took place at the school on October 29th, and could have been used to promote the event.

Real or not, the video is sure to give you a few goosebumps this Halloween.

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