Your daily lady ‘Ghostbusters’ update

There will never come a time when there’s TOO much Ghostbusters information in our lives. For real. With this movie, there’s just never enough. So what’s the word on the New York City set streets today? Oh, just the reveal of the movie’s bad guy, Melissa McCarthy rocking her Ghostbusters jumpsuit like a boss, AND the brand new Ghostbusters wheels.

First up, the Ghostbusters villain, will be played by writer and comedian Neil Casey. His writing credits include sketches for Inside Amy Schumer, Kroll Show, and Saturday Night Live — so he’ll be in very good company alongside SNL brethren Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, Cecily Strong, and Leslie Jones. Casey has also appeared in episodes of Veep, Broad City, and can currently be found in the Yahoo! Original, Other Space.

If you need to see Casey in action, check him out in this spot-on Amy Schumer sketch:

While there’s no information about Casey’s actual character, he does have a name: Rowan. We can safely assume that whoever he is, and whatever he has to do with ghost, he’s going to be very funny.

Now, let’s gaze at the beautiful image of  McCarthy in her jumpsuit. It honestly might be too pure and perfect for this world.

Director Paul Feig recently shared a picture of the star’s four jumpsuits hanging together on the rack, but this is the first time we’re actually seeing them modeled. Love the orange stripes. Dying to know what McCarthy keeps in those cargo pockets (I’d keep snacks).

Lastly, Feig’s gone and shared another picture on Twitter. Keeping with his hashtag theme, this one is, “What They Gonna Drive.” This is what our ladies will be driving and it looks JUST like the original.

Its even got the ECTO-1 license plate, and it appears to be part half-hearse. Seems like it’s got a few new bells and whistles up top, too, so let’s start speculating away. How many more days until July 22nd, 2016?

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[Images via Patriot Pics, Columbia Pictures, and Twitter.]