The latest “Ghostbusters” movie has a new name for DVD (and we are feeling it)

Whenever a DVD comes out for a movie we’re already obsessed with, it means there’s going to be a ton of behind-the-scenes fun that will make us love the film even more. And now that Ghostbusters will be coming to DVD with all sorts of deleted scenes and delightful fun, we cannot handle our excitement. But, despite the fact that it’s the same movie that made millions of people across the world crack up, it will be called a different name.

Sony announced that the DVD and Blu-ray for the movie will be titled Ghostbusters: Answer the Call.


While Sony hasn’t yet given any reasoning behind the name change, though we don’t really need any since we love everything about this movie anyway.

According to Collider, there’s a lot of surprises that you can expect from these packages.

The film’s director, Paul Feig, originally made the movie over three hours long, which means there are a ton of deleted scenes.

Plus, the talented women involved in this movie are all comedic geniuses in their own right. So we can only imagine that some of the outtakes and improvised moments that didn’t make it into the movie are going to be downright hysterical. 


If you missed the super entertaining credit sequence after the film, you should know that there’s some laugh-out-loud funny footage of the hunky Chris Hemsworth leading a giant dance party of possessed New York City cops and citizens from on top of a roof. That scene alone is a good enough reason to snag this DVD ASAP.

The tiny title tweak seems to only be a cosmetic change to an already perfect film that we cannot wait to own for ourselves.


The Digital HD version of the movie will be available September 27 while the 4K/Blu-ray 3D Combo Pack, Blu-ray, and DVD will all be available on October 11th.

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