The new ‘Ghostbusters’ movie might be bringing back Hi-C, your childhood

When was the last time you grabbed for a Hi-C to quench your thirst? Probably about… twenty years ago or so. It’s probably been even longer than that if your drink was green-colored and themed to Ghostbusters. Well, now one of those things is coming back, which means that the other thing should be coming back, too.

With the release of the brand new Lady-Powered Ghostbusters inching closer to us each and every single day, it appears as if the promotional tie-ins are already lining up to get in on the action. According to one very savvy Reddit user who knows how to navigate the giant list of government trademarks, Coca Cola might be planning to bring back the Ecto Cooler.

YES, that Ecto Cooler. THAT Hi-C drink that was green and had a picture of Slimer on the front of the carton, because it was tied to the Ghostbusters cartoon of the early 90s. You loved it, your parents probably hated it, because it was considered like “orange juice,” but definitely wasn’t really orange juice. If my memory serves me correctly, last time I had one it was mostly just sugar.

But still, those memories. According to the trademark, filed back in September, Coca Cola is looking to hold onto the name for “fruity drinks and fruit juices.” That translates to the “Ecto Cooler” if history is about to repeat itself. There’s no word as to if Slimer is actually going to appear in the upcoming movie, but even if he doesn’t, we’ll welcome the drink with open arms.

Coca Cola has not commented on this one way or another, but let’s hope for the best. Because if it comes back, you’ll be deemed the coolest person in your office break room pulling a Ecto Cooler juice box out for lunch.

(Image via Coca Cola.)