The “Ghostbusters” ladies got a sick new set of wheels

Although there were already 10,000 reasons the ladies of the new Ghostbusters reboot were the ones we were gonna call, we can now add one more.

Reason #10,001: Their sweet new ride.

The Ecto-1, the classic and cooky car of the original ghost busters, is of course getting a revamp. But that’s not what has people so excited. It’s the announcement of the exciting addition to the fleet, the Ecto-2. A hardcore anti-afterworld hog with some serious wheels that are clearly ready to fight phantoms.

Although the movie doesn’t technically come out until this summer, the anticipation has been building for months. The reveal of this awesome new ride for the ladies (and their handsome secretary Kevin, played by real-life handsome man Chris Hemsworth), is only making us more excited for the film to finally come out. Not to mention, both vehicles (and more) will be available in LEGO form, for all you Master Builders out there. So even more reason to get excited!

That’s of course assuming the original series wasn’t prophetic when it said the world was ending tomorrow.


But, based on the fact that New York City has yet to be attacked by a giant, angry Stay Puff Marshmallow Man, I think we’re all good.

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