We’ve got some incredible ‘Ghostbusters’ character posters

If you’re looking for more Ghostbusters, we’ve got you covered. The lady powered Ghostbusters reboot is coming at us, as quickly as July 15th can get here. In the mean time, earlier this week we got an amazing group shot of our four gals: Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones. Now, we’ve got actual individual posters for them, too.

All four posters are in black and white, but they do have splashes of color to really highlight the most important Ghostbusters things, like their proton packs and Ghostbusters patch (oddly enough, both of those things are on my Christmas list). The one thing the posters don’t include are their faces. We’ve got half of their faces, and in McCarthy’s case, a toothy-grin that seems to say, “I AIN’T AFRAID OF NO GHOSTS.”

The posters also officially confirm the names of two of these new ladies. Director Paul Feig has teased the names before, but didn’t really state who was who. Studying leaked set photos of the ladies gave tiny clues, but now we can actually see two names embroidered on the GB jumpsuits. McCarthy is Yates, first name Abby. As for Jones, her name is Patty Tolan.

These are awesome, and amazing, and probably going to wallpaper a spare bedroom with them soon. But in the meantime, before July 15th, think we can get one of these posters for receptionist Chris Hemsworth? Asking for a friend.

(Image via Columbia Pictures)