It’s real. It’s official. We have our lady ‘Ghostbusters’ cast!!

Everyone, stop. Stop what you’re doing and listen up because this is IMPORTANT. That snowbank you might be trying to shovel out of can WAIT. Paul Feig (director extraordinaire) has just announced the starring cast for his all-female Ghostbusters reboot, and it’s a cast made up of our dreams, basically.

As we kind of guessed, Melissa McCarthy(!!!!) will take one of the lead roles. She and Feig go way back, she got her big break-out movie role in his film Bridesmaids. OH BUT WAIT, there’s another lady from Bridesmaids, too: Kristen Wiig. Just hearing that these two ladies will be working together in another comedy is sweet, sweet music to our ears.

Hold up, there are still two more stars reportedly in talks to sign on as well, and both of these ladies come from Wiig’s former stomping ground: Saturday Night Live. Kate McKinnon (who can basically do any impression ever) and SNL newcomer Leslie Jones are both in the process of negotiating to come on board. Which would be LITERALLY AMAZING. That line-up is almost too much for our spirits to take!!!

Feig tweeted the news himself (no words, just beautiful, beautiful images):

Could there BE any more perfect of a cast? All of these women have incredibly strong comedy backgrounds, and all have HARDCORE proved themselves in the comedy world. Now, add them together with a director who’s known for his strong-female movies (he did The Heat too! Again with the Melissa McCarthy!) and it feels like we’ve dreamed this whole thing up. But we haven’t. It’s real. It’s happening. And it’s slated to start shooting this summer in New York City.

Are you doing a celebration dance? Cuz we’re TOTALLY doing a celebration dance. This cast is bonkers in the absolute best way. “Who ya gonna call?” These four unbelievably RAD women.

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