The first official ‘Ghostbusters’ cast photo could not be any more perfect

All the action this weekend isn’t just reserved for Comic-Con. On the other side of the country in Boston (posing as New York City), a wondrous work of cinema is coming to life. We’re talking about the all-ladies Ghostbusters movie, obvs. As director Paul Feig puts the film’s pieces together, he’s been sharing tidbits on Twitter. But now he’s just dropped a super-whammy. Can you even HANDLE the first official suited-up Ghostbusters picture? Well brace yourselves, because here it is:

Do you feel like a better human being now? Do you feel like your life has changed for the better and anything is possible? Do you feel like you can achieve your dreams just gazing upon this picture for a few seconds? Cool, me too!

Leslie Jones looks amazing. Melissa McCarthy looks amazing. Kristen Wiig looks amazing. Kate McKinnon looks amazing. All their jumpsuits look amazing. THE CAR looks amazing. I bet their proton packs look amazing too, but those are kind of hard to see. Feig has been teasing us with snippets from the set on Twitter for the last few weeks (with clever hashtags each time), but he’s finally given us what we’ve been waiting for: the whole cast together, in character, looking like ghostbusting badasses. New #SquadGoals. There, I said it, and I’m not taking it back.

(Image via Twitter)


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