Woman sees ghost in her baby’s ultrasound and it’s making us feel a lot of things

It’s totally normal for expecting parents to share ultrasound images of their unborn children. Those hazy black and white (OK, maybe sometimes yellowish and black if we want to get technical) images are a baby’s first picture, and parents cherish them deeply. Because they’re so exciting! This is your baby! Moving around inside you and preparing to make its way into the world!

Early ultrasound photos can be hard to make out, but as the baby grows, you can start to see features, body parts and the baby moving around. And then sometimes, you see the ghost of your dead grandfather. This story is totally freaky, but also very sweet.

When Jade Hornsby went to the doctor for a 4D scan of her baby, she couldn’t wait to see her daughter. Later, when she looked at the photos taken during the scan, she saw something she never could have predicted (and we mean, who would): The image of her late grandfather Jack, who passed in 2007, was kissing her daughter on the cheek.

“It’s really spooky. It looks just like him, and you can see him more clearly than my daughter,” Hornsby told the Metro news. “The lips are puckering up as if he’s about to kiss her on the cheek. You can make out the eyes, nose and mouth so clearly.”

Here’s a photo of Jack —can you see the similarities in features?

How freaky is that?! The ultrasound image was captured back in 2013, in a 4D scan that was a gift from her mom. At the time, Hornsby was 30 weeks pregnant with her daughter Lacey-Mae Head, who will be two years old this month (happy birthday Lacey-Mae!).

Sure, it might be a stretch to say this woman’s late grandfather appeared in her baby’s ultrasound. It’s most likely the mom’s placenta or something totally natural and body-related captured in the ultrasound. But if it provided Hornsby with comfort, then who’s to say it’s not true? For the expecting mother, it was a sign from her grandfather that though he couldn’t be there to celebrate Lacey-Mae’s birth and life, he was a proud great-grandfather watching over the family from above. And we think that’s pretty sweet!


(Featured images via YouTube)