Get ready to rock a soft, rosy glow because ColourPop’s CEO shared a sneak peek of new highlighters

There’s just nothing better than a sneak peek at upcoming products by our favorite brands, and luckily for us ColourPop’s CEO knows just how to make us happy! She gave us a look at swatches of some highlighters that are on their way, and we can’t get enough of that beautiful shimmer! They’re positively ethereal and lovely.

It looks like there are three new highlighters headed our way soon, and we like what we see! They appear to be in the pale pink family — they couldn’t possibly be part of the upcoming Valentine’s Day line, could they? That would just be too good to be true. Do you think they’ll be a spring or summer release instead? Who can give us the answers?!

One thing we do know is that they’re beautiful!

ColourPop’s CEO and Founder goes by Boss Lady on Instagram (love it) and we can’t wait to see what other little treats she sends our way! Her account is fairly new, but we have a feeling she’ll be sharing goodies with us left and right soon enough.

She’s already given us a look at one of the Valentine’s Day eyeshadow duos, and we have heart eyes!

And what do we have to do for a look at those new Lippie Stix shades?!

There will never be enough sneak peeks to satiate our deep need for new beauty products!

Given that they’ve just released a few new highlighters in recent collections, we are surprised and thrilled to see that they’re expanding their range. We can never have too many highlighters if you ask us, especially with spring coming just around the river bend.

Are you a highlighter fiend? Will this unicorn obsession ever end? These questions and more, brought to you by HelloGiggles.

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