Get Ready to Camp Under the Stars!

Growing up, didn’t you love to set up a tent in your backyard and watch the stars, read your favorite book and fall asleep in the great outdoors? I’m not a very outdoorsy person, but I enjoy hanging out with friends and having a bonfire whilst surrounding ourselves in nature.

Today is the Great American Backyard Campout started by the National Wildlife Foundation and they encourage us to be out there! Let’s be real – you’ve been wanting to get away from the city and relax with those you care about. Right now is the perfect time of year and now you have the excuse to go! If today is too rushed to get together a campout, no worries! You can still register at the official website and plan out your outing for another day. They have loads of camping tips and activities that will make you so thankful you took the time out to breathe stress-free air and enjoy nature. I’m planning on camping in my backyard and spend some time with my dog. I also have a few library books to get through, so I’ll have my flashlight! Also, always remember that insect repellant because I know I’ll definitely get bitten, but it’s a small price for having fun in nature. Enjoy!

Image via ShutterStock

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