Get ready to sparkle because the Essence Cosmetics holiday collection is so magical

The hours until Christmas are ticking down (okay there’s two weeks left but still), and alongside the countdown comes a flurry of holiday makeup deals. One of the latest, and perhaps most rapidly disappearing of this genre, is the Essence Cosmetics holiday collection! It is already flying off the digital shelves with more swiftness than Santa’s fleet of faithful reindeer.

The limited edition holiday makeup collection coming out of Essence Cosmetics includes five new products ranging from nail stickers to hand cream to a festive gold eyeliner.

While it’s important to note that a few of them have already flown off the shelves, we can still peruse the holiday options.

The Little Xmas Factory Liquid Eyeliner from Essence Cosmetics is still available for $3.99!


The Little Xmas Factory Liptint from Essence Cosmetics, 2.99.


This precious little item is sadly out of stock already.

The Little Xmas Factory Hand Cream from Essence Cosmetics, $2.99.


The Little Xmas Factory Nail Stickers from Essence Cosmetics, $1.99!


The Little Xmas Factory Shimmer Stars from Essence Cosmetics, $4.99!


Sorry babies, this one is also sold out!

You can always pick up their classic shimmer eyeshadow for less than $3! It’s the perfect amount of sparkle for this winter season.

If any of these suit your fancy, you better strike while the iron is hot and supplies last. The internet is truly a jungle of rapid sales.

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