Get ready, because this new Instagram app is a total game changer

Instagrammers, we have some awesome news that can completely change the way you ‘gram forever. Behold: Instagram has launched a new app called Layout that allows you to load multiple images into a single post and apply some pretty rad effects, essentially providing the tools to create (even more) gorgeously artistic photos using only your smartphone.

Instagram  gives us more information about this new app, stating on their blog, “it’s fun, it’s simple and it gives you a new way to flex your creativity.” This is, by no means, the first time Instagram has presented a new technology for their users. How could we forget, Hyperlapse, the app that captures time-lapse video? I mean, it (basically) turned us all into amateur videographers.

Instagram knows its users pretty well, acknowledging their struggles over which a picture to post, which filter to add, how much to crop, and their desire to do it in the quickest way possible. Instead of just giving you a fixed sample grid, Layout uses a multi-touch method that allows users to create the EXACT collage they want, and add some pretty trippy effects to it.

It’s now possible to mirror pictures, overlap them, and edit them, and then send them right over to Instagram without changing apps, which is just rad (and will save us SO much time!). Interfacing Layout with the original Instagram app makes it a million times more user friendly than other apps with similar intentions. So, it kinda looks like PicStich might be a thing of the past. Sorry, PicStich.

Just in case you don’t have enough reason to run right out and start amping up your Insta-feed, check out another cool app: Photo Booth. The official Instagram blog says Photo Booth is “for spontaneous moments. Tap it to start a countdown and capture photos that you’ll instantly see in a layout.” Ummm, yes, please.

Is there really any excuse for NOT having the coolest, most brilliant Instagram feed around? I think not.

Layout is now available as a free app for all iOS systems, but won’t be available for Android for another few months.

All images via Instagram